Lion/big cat tattoos are one of most popular design requests for our artists. This trend is not going anywhere fast ! 

Now because they are so popular you will see a lot of similar Lion/big cat tattoos. This unfortunately is unavoidable as a Lion is a Lion and every realism artist is going to want to choose the best image of Google to work from as a reference. Other than them travelling to Africa and camping out to sketch a picture of a real Lion or a Leopard this is the best you are going to get !

So with this in mind be flexible with your artist and allow them to mix things up with the rest of the design to ensure you big cat piece stands out! 

Here are a selection of our favourite Lion/Big cat tattoos by our artists:

Black and grey realism lion tattoo by Scott White
Neo-traditional tiger tattoo by Manth Baxter
Black and grey realism lion and rose tattoo by Mike Sklavenitis
Dot work tiger tattoo done by Louise Sargent

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