Monumental Ipswich

It's been a long time coming. But Monumental Ipswich has now opened!

It's not been a easy or quick process but it has been absolutely worth it.

After months of planning, renovation, decorating and countless other obstacles it's finally happened. We have had this in the pipeline for well over a year. 

Aaron Clarke the owner of Monumental tattoo studios first started down this path years ago when he opened the studio in Colchester. 

Working as a self-taught tattooist himself he managed to grow the studio into something special, and himself into one of the top in his field. But after a few years he felt it was time for a change. Aaron slowly started to reduce his hours at Monumental Colchester and set the business up so it could be run with little input from him with Harriette manning the helm. When this change was up and running Aaron and his family moved over to Spain, enjoying the sun sea and lifestyle that went along with it. Aaron was still tattooing while living there but not as much. Some of his clients from England even flew over to have sessions with him but for the most part he was a gentleman of leisure. 

But after a while Aaron grew restless...

 The cogs were turning and ideas began to hatch and grow! Just over a year after moving out to Spain Aaron and his family moved back to England. He had a clear idea in his head about Monumental and it was time to make it reality. The vision of turning Monumental into something bigger than just a business, Monumental the Brand was born.

As a brand the potential for Monumental is endless. Starting with Monumental tattoo studios Aaron and the whole team are aiming to move the industry along. Starting fresh in Colchester with the rebrand last year and now our long awaited second studio in Ipswich. Monumental's goal is to change the client and artist experience, continually improving the systems and the experience for everyone involved. 

World class artists and a relaxed, warm friendly environment that you will want to come back to again and again are at the forefront of this evolution. We could tell you all the ways we are doing this, but think you'd much rather come and experience it for yourself. 

Two studios and counting. If you ever see a Monumental studio pop in for a chat and have a look around. You'll be glad you did.