Black or Colour tattoo?

Its a question that here at Monumental Ink we get asked quite regularly.

Our artists are obviously biased towards one or the other depending on their tattoo style so Scott and Mike think Black and Grey whilst Aggie thinks colour!
When it comes down to it, it’s your decision, but certain tattoos look better in black and grey than colour and others look better in colour.
Skin tone can also play a massive part in deciding which is a better fit for you. Dark skin can find colour very hard to retain whilst bold black and grey tattoos can really stand out whilst light skin can really make colour pop.
If your having trouble deciding it’s always best to get a tattoo artists opinion. A specific image or idea you may have can have a massive effect on how good it looks in either medium.
We at Monumental Ink offer a totally free and unbiased consultation with any of our amazing artists. These have been shown to definitely help our customers with the decision process. We have black and grey and colour specialists so we have your bases covered!

Visit our facebook page and message us with any questions you have, we are here to help! Or email reception .

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