Black and Grey vs Colour… you are normally one or the other a bit like Marmite !

Maybe you are trying to decide which route to go down? You will naturally be drawn to one or the other depending on your personality. There are many articles out there that will talk about the pros and cons of both black and grey and colour but ultimately the artist you choose is the most important. You may think that you wont suit a colour tattoo, or vice versa but why limit yourself !

People also say that once you start with one you can’t mix it up which is poppycock ! We say let your creative side go wild and if you want a colour sleeve and a black and grey sleeve then you should go for it !

Now colour and black and grey together… this is where you need to be careful. A delicate touch of colour can be a beautiful addition, or it can look disjointed and random. This is where choosing your artist/artists is very important.

What is easier to look after ? Well tattoo’s need looking after regardless, whether they are black and grey or colour. Yes bright colours do seem like more upkeep but with the quality of the pigments in inks these days there is no reason why your beautifully bright tattoo shouldn’t stay that way. Keep your piece moisturised and use a high factor of sun cream then not only will you age better your tattoos will also stay looking fresh !

Does one hurt more than the other ? Look its going to hurt regardless…so you may as well forget that as being a factor. Some people don’t take as well to colours as others, which may result in more touch ups which yes equals more pain but it will be so worth it ! Plus if you have ever had white added to a tattoo right at the end of a black and grey tattoo, or a colour tattoo you will know how painful this is ! Generally this is because you have already sat through hours of pain! Plus white is white so is requires a certain amount of welly to get it in !

Whatever path you decide to go down we wish you the best on your tattoo journey…

We are going to display some of our best pieces from both the black and grey and colour world and we would love to know what you think!

Full chest piece done by Scott White

Line and dotwork piece done by Louise Sargent

Custom Poseidon piece done by Mike Sklavenitis

Portrait done by Aggie Vnek

Dragon done by apprentice Sam Baxter

    2 replies to "Some of our best Black & Grey and Colour Tattoos"

    • Nigel Clarkson

      Powerful designs there. Love the seahorse in colour. To be honest I am more of a black and white man when it comes to impact. The cats look absolutely brilliant and striking. Can only say tattoo designs are getting better these days. I get a lot of inspiration from Miami Ink Tattoo Designs.

      Sam Baxter gets my vote here for an aspiring apprentice. Well done Sam!

      • Monumental Ink

        Thank you for your feedback ! We all love the Seahorse too, its a real beauty

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