So your getting a brand spanking new tattoo? SWEET. We get asked a lot about what you can do to help us and yourself in your tattoo preparation before the day, so here is a short list of things that can help before the big day:

1. ALCOHOL Do not drink alcohol the night before. You may need some dutch courage but please refrain from drinking until after your tattoo is finished. Alcohol thins your blood which can last for up to 24 hours after you finished drinking. This is a problem for tattoo artists as this means you are more likely to start bleeding quickly when getting tattooed. This can make it a lot harder for us to see the stencil, where we are tattooing and if your getting a colour tattoo the blood can mix with the ink and cause it to change colour, especially white which can become a light pink when mixed with blood. This can also happen with any colour that is lighter than your blood tone and cause the colours to look murky.

2. SHAVING We are quite happy to shave you on the day. However it will be with a disposable razor and done dry, which is not fun for anyone! We suggest you shave the area you know you are being tattooed the night before with your normal razor and shaving cream/gel which is a lot better for your skin and saves times during the preparation process.

3. FOOD & DRINK When your being tattooed you may not see any blood but your skin will be releasing plasma which contains your blood sugar, so splurge for a day and bring with you fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate and anything else that takes your fancy. This will keep your blood sugar levels up and stop you from feeling faint during your tattoo and can actually relieve some of the pain. Make sure you have a good breakfast, you can go back on the smoothies or pro-biotic yogurts the next day! This is your day to treat yourself so bring in anything you fancy!

4. REST UP You may not be actually doing much on your tattoo day apart from sitting but being well rested will help with your pain threshold and your mind can think clearly and help you think of something other than the tattoo.

5. PAINKILLERS If your in all day then you may want to pop some paracetamol (if your not allergic) at lunch time or another convenient time. They may help take the edge off a little bit once you get into hour 5 or 6. (Do not take Aspirin as this thins the blood giving you the same effect as drinking alcohol the night before).

6. DRESS ACCORDINGLY Getting your arm tattooed, then wear a vest, getting your leg tattooed then wear some shorts. Due to you losing your plasma you maybe become quite cold so having some clothing on will obviously help, plus although we do really like looking at tighty whiteys, we would prefer you cover up! Also although we will do our best to cover your brand new ink in cling film this may fall off and so wear clothes that your not too bothered about as you may get ink, vaseline and gunk over your clothes that is rather hard to get off! If your getting your foot tattooed then we suggest wearing flip flops as this will stop your tattoo from rubbing on your shoe which can cause your brand new tattoo to wear badly.

If you have any questions or concerns then let us know by commenting or checking us out on facebook.

    4 replies to "6 top tips before getting a tattoo !"

    • chelsie pretious

      Im interested in getting a tattoo, was wondering how i go about it?
      Ive never had one done before and i have an idea what i want but how to i go about finding out a bit more about: prices, how long itll take, who i have do it etc as i live in harlow
      Many thanks

    • Yuki

      Thanks a lot for the information on painkillers, that was super helpful!
      I have a fair bit of ink on my body and never needed any painkillers (although I wish I had some for the ribs) while getting inked but now I’m seeing an artist who is usually booked out to get a large piece done, so I had to book all sessions in advance.
      As a woman who struggles with very painful period cramps I was worried about getting through my 6 hour sessions without any pain relief in case I need it. Knowing that I’m able to have a paracetamol is a huge relief!!!

      • Monumental Ink

        You’re very welcome. We are glad you found the info helpful.

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