Really want a tattoo but have no idea what design you want? Let us help you with some easy steps to help you choosing a tattoo design that you’ll be happy to wear on your body forever.

Before even thinking about design you need to figure out where you want it. This can greatly change what design will best suit that area of the body, a tattoo design for the ankle is going to look silly on your shoulder and so forth. You should also think about work and how much you want to be ogled! Having a tattoo on the thigh, ankle or back is a lot more inconspicuous than a whole sleeve or a tattoo which is easily visible during your normal life.

If you work in the public sector you should also check with your employee handbook for any restrictions on tattoo placement they may have. Being a policeman does not allow you to have certain tattoo designs or any above the collar bone for example.

Now time to pick the design. We totally recommend taking your time in deciding and remember that not all designs work well as tattoos. Any pictures that have really heavy detail may not translate well, anything that has a lot of black and minimal shading will make it look like a cover up (unless thats what you’re going for!)

We pride ourselves on offering a free consultation that usually only takes ten minutes but can be as long as you need to feel comfortable with your artist and you’re happy with the design. Please don’t feel disrespected if our artists need to tweak a design or change it. Sometimes your mates design that you think is awesome is not going to look good as a tattoo. Trust your artist, they do this day in day out and know what’s gonna look good or not.

So placement and design has been decided now its black and grey or colour time! (Check out our other blog post for a more in depth discussion) This is quite a simple decision, most people will just know which they prefer but your artist may suggest the other way. Why is this? As stated before they know tattoos! Realism, photos and portraits will look best in black and grey and colour, whilst Japanese cartoon, old school or comic book designs will really pop in colour and may look odd in the black and grey style. Obviously your artist will have their opinion but if your dead set on a certain style then let them know, it’s your body after all!

Not enough info for ya?! Check out this link to a 13 step process on deciding on your tattoo design.

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    • rachel skidmore

      These guys really do know what they’re talking about. Great friendly, professional advice. Helped me through laser removal to cover up of my ideas to Giles’ design. Would highly recommend these guys, if your not convinced have a consultation and get a feel for them. As coming from a service industry to me this was important. Going back for another.

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