To add a little spice to life we fancied ourselves a challenge here at Monumental Ink. 


Let’s have 5 tattoo artists do a full back piece on 1 brave man in just 2 days!

We needed this collaboration piece to be achievable within 2 days, we needed to create a design which could seamlessly incorporate each artists individual style’s.

We needed a client who could take the pain, we needed to find a way to work together without getting in each other’s way, we needed to plan and strategise who would be where and when.

In every way we had to work together and I am pleased to say we did brilliantly!

I feel that the whole process brought us together as a team in a way I could have never imagined.

We also wanted to film this process to form a special feature episode of our reality tv show Monumental TV on YouTube

This project will be aired in series 2 late summer 2022.  

We wanted to gain as much exposure as possible for the artists and for the brand, so we also had to consider lining up local media coverage and documenting as much footage as possible for social media.

We had a few meetings together to discuss ideas for the design, and then we got busy creating. We had to consider the clients taste and we also had to consider the different levels of experience the artists had so we could plan who was going to do which parts.

The 5 different styles consisted of black and grey, realism, line work, dot work and stipple shading.  The overall theme was Japanese with the 3 main elements being a hanya mask, a tiger and a japanese samurai katana sword.  These parts would be framed with some nice Japanese style flowers, stipple shaded with dot work around the outside to bind it all together nicely.

The client had a old tattoo down his spine which posed another challenge as he wanted that covered up.

The sword would be the artwork to cover the existing tattoo and the sword would form the main part in which everything else would either overlap or underlap from, to merge the whole piece together as one piece of artwork.

Would he be able to take the pain, would someone come down with COVID-19, would the client get cold feet and change his mind, would we be able to get it all done in just 2 days?

With so many factors that could sabotage the day and us boldly announcing our intentions publicly on social media, anxiety and tension was building.

Sadly two weeks before the event was set to take place one of the artist had to pull out due to some heart breaking news about his newly born son.  

Another artist kindly stepped in and we decided to continue the event as planned but dedicated to Robert.

The day soon came around and it was awesome!

We managed to get the whole piece finished in the two days and we had so much fun.

We learnt to work together very quickly, understanding who was best to go where etc.

I am very proud of the level of quality we managed given the tight working circumstances and time constraints.

We all learnt a lot through this experience and we are already considering the next full back piece challenge!

It is a memory we will remember forever, we now look forward to seeing the video of the whole process later this this with the release of series 2 on our YouTube channel Monumental Ink.

The 5 artists involved in this piece were Aaron, Shell, Jazmine, Alice and Ben

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