Aftercare Product Review

Bepanthen vs Tat Soul Pride Aftercare Lotion

Reviewed by Tattoo Artist, Aggie and Shop Manager, Eddie.

All our artists like to give clients the choice on which aftercare products to use on their new tattoos.
The two products our guys recommend are Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream and Tat Soul Pride Aftercare Lotion.
One of their most frequently asked questions is “Which one is better?” so we’ve decided to give you our honest opinions on both, as we’ve used them on our personal tattoos (black & grey AND colour) over the last few months.

Hopefully you’ll find this useful!



*Intensely moisturising,
*Fragrance free for sensitive skin,
*Leaves a protective layer.
*Speeds up healing process
*Keeps colours strong

*Heavy texture difficult to spread on fresh tattoos
*Some people find it blocks their pores and causes spots
*Sticky finish, clothes stick to it and get stained/ leave fluff on tattoo
*Formulated for babies’ bums!



Tat Soul Pride Aftercare Lotion

Pro’s:*Specially formulated for tattoos
*Mainly plant extracts- vegan friendly
*Hydrates, soothes and calms freshly tattooed skin
*Fragrance free for sensitive skin,
*Easy to apply, especially to fresh tattoos
*Doesn’t leave a greasy residue- clothes don’t stick/stain
*A little goes a long way
*Great to revive a dull-looking older tattoo
*Keeps colours strong

*Need to apply more often than Bepanthen
*More expensive than Bepanthen

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