We have noticed the massive rise in the popularity of “white ink tattoos” and thought we would give you guys our opinion on them.

So this looks pretty freaking awesome, right?

Well as you can see most of the pictures you will see were taken either on the day or the day after, as the skin is still clearly raised off the normal skin surface.
White ink tattoos are sometimes made by using white u.v ink, which is legal in the U.K but is very watery and very hard to work with. We still do not recommend them though because none of us want to think what is in the ink to make it glow and do l really want this in my body?! The ink also costs quite a lot of money so for anything large it would become extortionate.

You will notice online that most of the photos for white tattoos are really fresh, this is because they fade ALOT.

Another major issue you may face is the tattooist themselves. Not very many studios even offer white ink tattoos and so there is not a large group of tattooists who are actually proficient in doing them.

Due to the ink the artist can not have a stencil whilst putting in the ink.

A proficient white ink tattoo artist will “bloodline” the entire thing first. This is a commonly used method by tattoo artists when the tattoo does not need an outline but may not be completed within one sitting. Essentially the artist lines the tattoo without any ink but rose water. This creates the required lines which will not go away and then goes over the “bloodline” with the white ink, creating the tattoo. This obviously takes twice as long as it would need to be if done in normal black ink and can cause more trauma to the skin than needed as it is being bashed twice rather than once.

We won’t lie, they can look amazing but we believe they will fade to nothing quickly and unless you have amazingly light, freckle free skin and pick an experienced artist then they may not come out the way you think they will.

We at Monumental Ink only use white ink for highlights to make a tattoo really “pop”, we wouldn’t suggest you spend your money and time on one unless you are dead set on one and you find someone who knows what they’re doing.

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    • Caroline

      I have four flat pale scars on my upper right arm that I’m really self-conscious about. I was wondering, if I got a white tattoo (I am very fair skinned) would it cover these scars? Or at least camouflage them a bit so that they don’t look so obvious? I don’t want to end up with an upper arm worse than it is now.

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