Tattoo Cover up

Guide to getting that tattoo cover up you’ve been dying for!

Traditional tattoo cover up

We have all made that silly mistake when we were younger and on the spur of the moment, walked into a dingy tattoo shop and got some tribal or someone’s name or just an awful tattoo!
To estimate we probably have about 25-30% of our clients are wanting a cover up, so what does a cover up entail? Can you cover up anything? Should l consider getting lasered before?
We will try to answer all these questions, but if you need anymore help then drop us an email or give us a call.

Can l get this covered?

So most people will probably want to know if their tattoo can be covered and the simple answer is yes! Every tattoo can be covered because any tattooist will quite happily cover the entire thing in black and hey presto! one covered up tattoo!
For example:
tattoo cover up

The example above is really bad for so many reasons! The main one being that the old tattoo is so faded that it could have been covered up really nicely.

The real question you want to ask is can l cover up my tattoo with something l want?
With most of the tattoos we see they are able to be covered up but creative freedom can decrease alot. Tattoo artists are kind of stuck in creating a design just to get a tattoo covered up. If you are happy for your design to be compromised and the finished product to be really dark then without any lasering a tattoo can be covered up.

What does a cover up entail?

Like any tattoo at Monumental we go through the normal process. However the initial consultation may take a little longer to make sure what you would like to get tattooed will cover the old tattoo enough and to make sure that you and the artist are happy with the design.
You may see alot of pictures online of tattoo cover ups that look amazing, but these are pictures taken before the new tattoo has healed and the problem you may have is the old tattoo will show through once the new one has healed. The only way to know that you will not see the old tattoo is to cover it in black.

My tattoo was done poorly and is embossed on top of my skin, can a cover up help?

As shown in our previous post some “tattooists” are rubbish and go too deep into your skin causing scarring of the skin which leaves the tattoo embossed and raised above the skin. Covering a tattoo like this will not reduce the scarring at all but will help the eye not see it.

Should l get lasered before l try to cover it up?

The simple answer is YES! If your willing to go through lasering then we HIGHLY suggest it! If your tattoo is just black then this will greatly help when coming to get it covered. If you want it covered then you will require a lot less lasers and even one laser will greatly help the finished article with creative freedom and will give you more chance of not being able to see it once your cover up has healed.
tattoo cover up

The after photo is from 4 sessions and now can be nearly covered up with anything, whilst before the lasering it would have had to be covered with something really dark.
If you have any questions about lasering then check out our previous F.A.Q on laser tattoo removal.

This is your body after all and if you can be patient enough to wait for your tattoo to be covered up after a number of laser sessions then you’ll be happier with the final result and the artist will be able to create with a lot more freedom and creativity if the old tattoo has been lasered a few times.

For any further questions then head over to our contacts page and send us an email. Or check out our facebook and google+ pages for daily updates, news and photos.


  • Charlie Evans

    Reply Reply 1 April, 2018


    I was hoping to book a consultation in relation to a cover up.

    Can you let me know the availability of the artists please?


    Charlie Evans

  • James Bradley

    Reply Reply 30 April, 2018

    Hello I have an old tribal on my whole left arm and on my chest really want to get coverd up and sorted really can you help me

  • Euan

    Reply Reply 10 June, 2018

    I have a very large tribal tattoo (shocker) on my left arm, peck and shoulder blade that I am looking to get covered. I have had around 15 sessions of laser spread across the arm but progress is slow so I’m wondering if it is at all able to be covered yet.

  • Heidi Manley

    Reply Reply 19 November, 2018

    Can a tattoo that’s black and shaded be covered, I have a pin up girl (she’s not even finished and I don’t want her finished don’t like her at all) her dress is black and shaded with black and shaded stockings, face is just an outline, she is down my left rib cage, any chance she could be hidden, the tattoo that I want to cover it with is odin the norse god and his 2 ravens also in black and white, any ideas if that would be possible, also what are your prices and how long would a 1st session for a cover up be?

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