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Tattoo aftercare is a major part of keeping your tattoo fresh and looking awesome, check out these tips and tricks from the experts about looking after your tattoo

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Tattoo artists can only go so far with helping your tattoo look clean and fresh forever. We use only the best needles, equipment and ensure we are as hygienic as possible when applying a tattoo. However the aftercare starts as soon as the artist lathers vaseline on and wraps it up in cling film.

This initial cling film wrap is just to protect the skin from the elements for the next hour or so. Your skin needs some time alone to help it start the healing process so leaving the cling film on for at least an hour after your tattoo is advisable.

Once the time has come to unwrap your brand spanking new tattoo your best bet is to get your shower head and rinse off all the gunk, try not to rub it with your hands, try your best to let the water rinse everything off.
Once the pile of gunk is blocking your drain, you should PAT dry or even better air dry (waving the tattoo around is also good exercise, but you may look a little bit weird.)
Most tattoo shops around will advise bephanthen cream. We here at Monumental Ink suggest using Pride tattoo aftercare lotion from Tatsoul. The main reason for this is Pride is a dedicated tattoo lotion, if you didn’t know, Bephanthen is made to help nappy rash, do you consider your brand new tattoo a nappy rash?!

Our aftercare lotion is just that, a lotion which is easily applied and does not leave the sticky residue that a cream does. So you don’t have to worry as much about getting your clothes sticky from Bephanthen.
It also includes aloe vera which is a great natural ingredient to help your skin heal, keep moisturised and rejuvenated.

Which ever way you go you should apply the lotion at least twice a day, we find the easiest times are after a shower in the morning and before bed. Ideally a third application during the day will help your tattoo heal quicker and keep it well moisturised throughout the day.

During this period DO NOT BATHE or soak your tattoo in water, unless your tattoo is on an area that can be kept out of the bath then we strongly suggest only showering until the tattoo is healed and always PAT or AIR dry, DO NOT RUB DRY.

The healing process is totally different for each person, some people take 10 days and some take a full two weeks either way make sure that you apply the lotion for the first two weeks to ensure that it is fully healed.
We have found with Pride lotion that due to the ingredients, your tattoo will heal faster than using bephanthen as it has been formulated specifically for tattoo healing.

Once these two weeks are up the only thing you have to worry about is the sun. The UV rays from the sun can help fade a tattoo. If your out in the sun or lucky enough to have a holiday make sure you stock up on factor 50 sun cream. Unfortunately this is the only factor high enough to make sure that the suns rays don’t get through to your tattoo.

This is not great for your tan, WE KNOW! But if you really want to keep it as beautiful and fresh as possible then this is the best method (sorry!).

We think we have covered everything but if you have any other questions or comments then please leave them below and we will get back to you.
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Remember you have paid your hard earned money for your tattoo, do you really wanna let it down and not look after it properly?!

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