We are super proud of all the work done here at Monumental Ink by all our artist’s, but it is nice to get a little mention on the good old web !
We were approached by TickX to do an article on our very own Aggie who has an outstanding portfolio of famous faces tattoos, these are the ultimate way to pay homage to your favourite artist…

04. When someone got Jimi Hendrix’s face tattooed on them

Realism tattoos by Aggie Vnek

Have you ever loved someone so much you wanted to get a tattoo dedicated to them?

I mean sure, as the millions of ‘mom’ tattoos will attest to, people love putting what’s important to them on their bodies forever. Whether it be an important date, their name, or perhaps an icon or symbol that acts as a metaphor for the relationship – it’s relatively normal.

But have you ever loved someone so much you put their actual face on you?

Likely not. A tattoo is quite the commitment, supposed to stay with you until death (or until someone lasers it off for even more £££), so getting someone’s portrait can be a little risky. The relationship may sour, they may reveal themselves to be a bad person, or you may simply just tire of seeing them everyday in the mirror.

But when it comes to your idol, they’ve often inspired and influenced you in life more than anyone else has, and putting that influence to skin acts as a sort of homage to the respect you have for them.

Aggie Vnek of Monumental Ink has done quite a few tattoos for fans, including the likes of Elvis, Pink and most recently, Jimi Hendrix. “What shows your commitment and support better than getting your idol’s portrait tattooed?” says Aggie, whose piece on Hendrix shows the musical genius blowing out cigarette smoke, giving the tattoo a wonderfully dynamic effect.

“I tattooed that on a young customer that’s starting a music career himself,” she continued, “myself, I’m a big fan of horror movies, particularly the old ones. That’s why I am the owner of a beautiful portrait of Nosferatu from the movie with the same name.”

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