For the last decade, we have experienced one of the largest, and arguably the best cinematic experience in the history of film making.

There have been super hero movies of all different types leading up to this point, but nothing as ambitious or anywhere near as large in scale as what the marvel cinematic universe has been able to deliver, and in doing so, set the bar at an almost unachievable level.

Ever since the release of Iron Man in 2008, with Robert Downey Jr proving he is the perfect Tony Stark. Plus the teaser at the end hinting at things to come, we have all been hooked (and I’m guessing most of you now sit to the end of almost every movie to see if there’s any easter eggs hiding like I do!)

But what is it that made these films so appealing to so many? I personally think it’s due to the characters and how they were portrayed. Everyone cast in these movies is perfect for their roles (they tried a few for Bruce Banner and Peter Parker!) and more than just acting out their roles as hero’s, they made you love the person they were even without all the powers, money, gadgets and magic.

A lot of us grew up with these people and characters.  Almost a third of my life I’ve been watching everyone, everything grow and evolve in their universe. Seen lives change, people evolve, relationships form and break down, love and loss. For a lot of us with every instalment there has been an ever-building sense of excitement, all leading to the release of End Game. Now it’s all over, there’s a strange sense of loss. But as any fan knows, they are going to continue to make movies based on their comic books but will be starting a new story line with different characters.

We all had our favourite characters and loved them for our own reason. As people do for loved ones, some have chosen to immortalise their favourites forever by having a tattoo of them. A permanent tribute to something that means so much to them. And when something makes people feel that strongly, you know it’s something very special.

The tattoos chosen by fans, like the characters themselves, come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Here at Monumental we have some amazing artists, almost all of them have had the chance to put their own spin on an Avengers piece as you can see throughout this blog.

What ever the Marvel universe holds for us in the future, I know we will love it 3000! In the mean time, enjoy looking at some of our best Marvel inspired tattoos.

1 – Thanos Tattoo

thanos tattoo

Colour realism tattoo of Thanos with all of the infinity stones in the gauntlet. This image is taken from the second to last instalment of the Avengers saga, Infinity War. Just before the finger click that wiped out half of all life in the universe, he should have aimed for the head! This piece is on the forearm, done over a two day sitting by Aggie Vnek. Intended to be a stand alone piece and not part of a larger full or partial sleeve, at the moment. Never say never though…

2 – Ironman and Spiderman Tattoo

Dotwork Ironman and Spiderman tattoo

Black and grey Dotwork tattoo of Ironman and Spiderman, the keen eyed super fans among you will notice this is the Mk VII suits helmet. The Spiderman is a little harder to judge as it’s more stylised. My money is on Tom Hollands Spiderman from the Home Coming movie, the first suit Tony Stark gave to Peter Parker. Feel free to comment on the post if you feel it’s a different spidey. This is on the clients forearm and was going to be a stand alone piece, but they are now extending into a full sleeve! We can’t wait to see it finished. By Louise Sargent.

3 – Groot Tattoo

groot tattoo

Black and grey realism ‘I Am Groot’ tattoo of baby Groot, personally my favourite Groot. For those of you that don’t know, at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Groot sacrificed himself to keep all of his friends safe as their ship was crashing towards Xandar. Groot is a living tree like being, from a species called Flora Colossus. He is able to grow and change shape to what ever he needs to be, so at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy he became a protective coccoon for his ship mates as they crashed. But as bad as this looked for Groot they were able to take part of him they found after the crash and re plant him, eventually growing into baby Groot. This piece is on the upper thigh, and is the second Groot tattoo this fan has. It was done start to finish in one full day session by Scott White.

4 – Spiderman Tattoo Sleeve

spiderman tattoo sleeve

Black and grey realism Spiderman tattoo. This picture was taken by the client after the tattoo had fully healed, along with a matching Spiderman 3 phone case. Although this particular Spiderman is not the one from the avengers saga, he’s still part of the marvel universe and looks right at home amongst the other Avengers. This Spiderman is the one played by Tobey Maguire, and has a well deserved place in any Marvel blog. As this portrayal brought the comic books alive in a way that had never been done on film before. It ushered in a new resurgence in the genre to a whole new generation, myself included. This piece is on the inner forearm, part of a larger sleeve you can see further down on the blog by Mike Sklaventis

5 – Loki Tattoo

Realism Loki Tattoo

Colour realism tattoo of Loki on the forearm, part of a larger sleeve, but not a marvel one. This sleeve is Norse mythology based and what better way to portray the god of mischief, then Tom Hiddleston’s epic depiction. In the Movies Loki lived up to his reputation perfectly, there was no bigger thorn in Thors side than his half brother. But after all the bad Loki did, leading the armies of Thanos in the assault on New York. Taking the place of Odin and shipping his step father to an old folks home on Earth. Loki then redeemed himself in Infinity War by sacrificing himself to allow Thor to escape, after Thanos and his generals assaulted the Asgardian refugee vessel in deep space. Tattoo by Aggie Vnek.

6 – Marvel Superhero Tattoo Sleeve

marvel superhero sleeve tattoo

Black and grey full realism Marvel superhero sleeve. This was a labour of love fore sure, the level of detail included in this finished sleeve is immense. Here we can see the outer part of the sleeve, showing Ironman, Hawkeye, and Captain America. On the inner arm there is the Hulk and Spiderman (you can see Spiderman earlier in the blog). Just out of frame on the elbow is Mjolnir, Thors mythical hammer that only someone pure of heart can wield. I think we all knew Captain America would end up using this at some point. We suspected this after seeing Mjolnir budge slightly in Age of Ultron, when Steve Rodgers tried to pick it up in front of a very worried looking Thor, during the after party in Stark tower. This is what lead to the lightening on the sleeve between Captain America and Hawkeye. The characters themselves are taken from different points in the Marvel universe timeline. As mentioned before the Spiderman they chose for this piece is from the earlier Tobey Mcguire trilogy. As I’m sure you can all agree this inspired tattoo ticks all the right boxes for any super fan,  Mike Sklaventis killed it!

7 – Odin colour portrait tattoo


Full colour realism tattoo of Odin played by Anthony Hopkins done by Aggie. Odin is a god Norse mythology, and father of Thor and Loki. He is said to be one of the first Asgardians, and rose to power and claim the Asgardian thorn and the title ‘all farther’. Although the comics have countless storylines in which Odin features heavily, in the Marvel universe Odin is always a secondary character to both Thor and Loki. The Marvel movies do hint at Odin’s almost limitless power on occasion which he got in part due to his brothers. They both died in battle before Odin took the throne, and passed on their power to him. It was a shame we didn’t see more of him in the movies, he was always one of my favourites (partly due to the legend that is Anthony Hopkins) 

8 – Deadpool Black and Grey tattoo


This amazing black and grey piece of Deadpool is by Scott. Here is another character that needs no introduction. The Deadpool movies were gigantic hits! Ryan Reynolds played the character perfectly, breaking the 4th wall and talking directly to the audience as he does in the comic books as he is fully aware he is a fictional character. In the movies Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson) starts of as a mercenary for hire, who finds out he has terminal cancer. When searching for a cure he comes across someone who says he can help. Long story shot they mutate Wade Wilsons DNA, cure the cancer and end up giving Wade super powers. There is a fire in the lab where this work is being done and Wade gets burnt before the powers kick in which is the reason he’s so scared and wears a full face mask. However in the comics Deadpool’s back story is always changing, there is no set narrative on where Deadpool comes from. Even the name Wade Wilson might have been stolen? No matter how or why Deadpool came to be, we are glad that he did, the Deadpool films are outstanding, as is the tattoo.


Looking For A Superhero Tattoo?

If you have been inspired by our Marvel tattoos and are looking to get a superhero themed tattoo of your favourite comic book hero then check out all of tattoo artists portfolios.


Feel free to comment on the blog letting us know who your favourite Marvel character is, who you would like to do the tattoo for you and where you’d like it!

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