Laser Tattoo Removal F.A.Q

Wondering about getting rid of that teenage mistake?! This post will give you some valuable info about the laser tattoo removal process and hopefully make you feel comfortable and confident in getting your unwanted tattoo removed.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After

It really does work!

As you can see from the image above laser tattoo removal really does work.

Laser tattoo removal has been around a fair while now. With technological advancement quickly spreading throughout the industry there is no better time to be removing a tattoo.

How does it work?

To put it in simple terms, the laser goes through the top layer of skin above your tattoo and dissipates the ink particles within your tattoo. The ink within your skin reacts to the high temperature and frequency from the laser and the large blobs of ink become smaller blobs. These small blobs of ink are then attacked by your nervous system and taken away and are then ingested into your blood stream. The skin around your tattoo is unaffected as only the ink within your skin reacts to the laser frequency and heat.

How long or how many sessions will it take?

How long is a piece of string?! Unfortunately there is no way to know how long a specific tattoo will take to be gone. The size, the ink used and how your body takes it are all factors in how well the laser does its job. Certain colours are harder to remove such as green whilst black and blue are usually the easiest.
If your looking to get a coverup then the amount of sessions will be reduced as the tattoo does not have to be completely gone before a newer more badass tattoo can be put in it’s place.
With each tattoo you must wait a minimum of 6 weeks between sessions. This is to ensure that the area has healed and that no ink is left in your system, doing a session too early can cause ink poisoning as the body absorbs the broken down ink into your blood stream. Also you will notice that the tattoo fades constantly for those 6 weeks after a laser treatment as it can take time for the small blobs to enter the blood stream.

What is the procedure?

At Monumental Ink, we will assess the size of the tattoo and your skin type before proceeding with the actual removal.
For laser tattoo removal, the lighter your skin the better. Using the Fitzgerald skin type test we discover what skin range you are in and from there can change the frequency of the laser to help ensure that your skin is unharmed. (Science bit!) The concentration of melanin in your skin decides how light or dark you are. The darker you are, the more melanin is in your skin. The laser unfortunately can actual destroy melanin in the skin, leaving white patches or lighter skin on darker skinned people. If you are darker skinned the tattoo can be removed but will probably take more sessions as the laser should be kept at a low frequency to ensure that your skin is unharmed.
Once the Fitzgerald test has been completed, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and get you to wear some awesome sunglasses to protect your eyes from the laser.
Once ready, our technician will place the laser just above the skin and begin the treatment!

Does it hurt?

We won’t lie, it does! Obviously the bigger the tattoo, the longer you will have to be lasered. A lot of people compare it to being flicked by a rubber band constantly. However everybody has their own pain threshold and so without experiencing it we can not tell you how painful it will be. We can tell you though that it will hurt more than a tattoo, but no pain no gain, right?!

What do l do after my laser session?

We suggest you keep it as dry as possible for the next 24 hours. After this we recommend coating the tattoo in savlon. Continue treating with savlon for a day or two and then let it be.
Over the next two/three weeks you may develop scabs on the tattoo, DO NOT PULL THESE OFF. This is your body protecting itself whilst it heals and is a good sign that the laser has taken well. You may get an occasional itch around the tattoo area but do not itch it, again it’s your body repairing itself and is perfectly normal.
Again it’s on a person by person basis. Some people experience nothing whilst others will have a really red skin, scabs and itching constantly, it completely depends on the person.

Isn’t there a home remedy or d.i.y method to remove a tattoo?

I’m just going to leave these here:
laser Tattoo removalSalt tattoo removal
Do you really want this on your body?!

You will find a number of different ways on the internet to remove a tattoo at home including rubbing salt into your skin so vigourously that you remove your top layer of skin or you could try making your own laser with a laser pointer and a battery. We don’t suggest you try these!
Using salt does work but you are destroying all of the skin around your unwanted tattoo, will hurt ALOT and it WILL leave a scar. Creating your own laser is quite a technical feat and you have no way of knowing how strong the laser is, if it is going to deep and scarring the layer of skin below your tattoo and is probably more painful than going to a professional.

I think we have covered all the relevant questions you may have for laser tattoo removal.
If you have any further questions then email us at:


  • stephen

    Reply Reply 14 May, 2015

    Need a big name removed,black ink been quoted a lot of different prices by different people,but need to find someone properly qualified,my skin is very light and want it took off enough to cover…

    • admin

      Reply Reply 15 May, 2015

      Hi Stephen,
      We have an offer at the moment on monumental beauty’s facebook page for 4 sessions for £160 which saves you £80. Take the offer then give us a call and we can book you in for your first session. This offer has no dependency on size so it will save you a lot of money. If your having ti covered up 4 sessions may be enough to then cover it.

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    Thank’s great post.

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    Nice post. Thank you for sharing this information.

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