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essex tattoo laser removal

Laser Tattoo Removal In Colchester, Essex

Wondering about removing that embarrassing tattoo, or just want to fade one sufficiently to make way for a work of art in its place?  This page will give you some valuable info about the laser tattoo removal process and hopefully make you feel comfortable and confident in getting your unwanted tattoo removed.


Scroll down to read our Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs!

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Request Appointment With Eddie

Request Appointment With Eddie
  • q-iconDoes It Really Work?!

    As you can see from our ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of one of our own team member’s tattoos, YES! It really does work!

  • q-iconHow Long Does It Take?

    On average, professional tattoos require at least 6 -10 treatments, while amateur tattoos require 3-4 treatments, all spaced approximately 6 – 8 weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used and the depth of the ink in the skin. There is no guarantee of complete clearance!

    So, the healthier you are and the less issues your immune system has to deal with, the quicker your tattoo will fade.

  • q-iconHow Does It Work?

    The laser light will penetrate the skin and break the tattoo pigment/ink into tiny particles, which your immune system will process and dispose of. Picking at your skin after laser treatment is pointless as it doesn’t come out on the surface – all it will do is scar your skin!

  • q-iconWhat Is The Procedure?

    After completing your paperwork, we will work out your skin type using the Fitzpatrick system and decide what level we need to set the laser, taking into account any pre-existing conditions/illness/medication that could potentially affect the result of laser treatment.

    The technician will then clean (and shave- if necessary) the area to be treated and once you’re comfortable, will start to laser your unwanted tattoo.

    One of the many advantages of our new machine is that the laser covers a larger surface area than our previous machine, so the procedure is over and done with much sooner than before!

  • q-iconDoes Laser Removal Hurt?

    Everybody’s pain threshold is different!

    The laser emits light in very short flashes of light called pulses. The impact of the energy from the powerful pulse of light is similar to the snap of a thin rubber band or specks of hot bacon grease on the skin.

    If you find you have a particularly low pain threshold, you can always apply a layer of numbing cream and cling film about an hour before your treatment.

  • q-iconAre Certain Colours Easier to Get Rid of Than Others?

    Yes! The good news is that black tattoos are the easiest to fade!

    Generally, dark (blue/black/purple/green) inks fade the best. Oranges, reds and purples usually respond well. Green, yellow and vibrant blue inks are the most difficult to remove, although additional treatments can produce significant results.

  • q-iconWhat Happens After The Laser Session?

    Typical skin reaction to Laser Removal Treatment includes redness, swelling, bruising, blistering, in some cases pin-point bleeding. Don’t panic! It’s totally normal and just your skin’s way of coping and starting the healing process

    Keep the area clean and re-moisturise the skin as often as you wish but at least twice per day with Aloe Vera, this helps with healing and soothing the irritation.

    Ice packs are highly recommended to help reduce redness and swelling.

    If you experience muscle aching as a result of your treatment it can be relieved with a mild painkiller such as paracetamol ( Only use medication you have used previously) Avoid taking Ibuprofen and Aspirin as they can thin the blood and increase bruising.

    Protect your skin from sunlight by using a SPF 30+ sun block now and for at least 6 months following your last treatment. The lasered skin will be much more photo-sensitive and can burn more easily.

    Also, that area will be at risk of hypo/hyper-pigmentation (loss/over-production of melanin, which can cause white/dark patches depending on the individual) so make sure you protect it with SPF 30 or higher and avoid using sun beds.

If you have any further questions, please fill out our application form below or call the studio on 01206 571151.

Request Appointment With Eddie

Customer Testimonials

Just had my first experience of laser tattoo removal! Wasn't half as bad as I thought! Thank you so much guys! Xx

Kirsty Williams

Started the journey of laser removal thank you for a good experience not as bad as I thought it would be xx

Diane Varndell

I'm currently undergoing laser removal and I have to say Eddie is fantastic, I was quite nervous about the whole process but Eddie puts my anxiousness at ease, she is very friendly, chatty and reassuring, which is what I need when i'm nervous! ... To be honest I can't say enough nice things about Eddie, she's just a caring person naturally and it shines through ... I'm really glad I plucked up the courage to book my laser removal, I'm a real wimp so if I can do it anyone can! ~ looking forward to booking my new tattoo with Steve in the new year...Thankyou for a fantastic service xx

Natalie Simone Revell