Monumental Ink and Hope Field animal Sanctuary have joined forces to fight animal cruelty and neglect!

We think it’s about time we say enough is enough and fight animal cruelty with both barrels.

Here is a little background for you. The following information was taken from Hopefield’s website..This is how the Hopefield journey began…

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1983 by Paula Clark and her husband Ernie Clark.

It was the coldest winter for twenty years and the story of ponies and cobs being abandoned by their owners on Rainham marshes was hitting the headlines. Doctors receptionist Paula who was already raising money for other sanctuaries was sitting at home in tears over the story of these poor horses. When Ernie returned home from work Paula had shown him what was happening and it was from then on that they vowed to take action and help the animals that needed them.They went down to the marshes where sixteen horses were already dead and the others were starving. They took tanks of water to them, bales of hay and feed. They even got the vet to examine some of them. Paula and Ernie started to raise money to buy the horses and move them to other sanctuaries and helped them to raise funds.

Ever since then the charity has grown, more and more animals are being mistreated and neglected all at the hands of humans. Even exotic animals that have been taken away from their natural habitat as trophy pets, they then become too much to handle and are cast aside. Hopefield has been there and has never given up.

We are looking for the support of our valued customer’s and those of you who maybe aren’t tattoo fans but are animal lovers. Would you like to come down for the day, enjoy some music, eat some lovely vegan food, win some prizes?! Of course you would! If you don’t want to be tattooed, all we ask is that you make a donation big or small to this amazing cause.

All the artist’s have designed small custom animal designs for the day. They are doing these completely profit free and all monies will go directly to the charity. The designs can be found at the top of the poster. All you need to do is pick your design then call the studio to book your place.

This is an event you shouldn’t miss so use the details on the poster to contact us for more information on how to book your place and payment details.


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