Go Big Or Go Home!

Here at Monumental we love getting stuck into a challenge such as a big scale back piece or a sleeve!

You have decided to commit on getting a tattoo, you have the perfect design in mind but how big do you want it?. If you are wanting a large piece then we say go for it ! You only live once and we think your going to look cool as f**K with tattoos when your older.

We say ‘Go Big Or Go Home’.

Big tattoos are obviously going to take some time to complete, its important to listen to your artist when they give you a time frame. This can also change, there are too many variables in place so be prepared for things to take longer. It will all be worth it in the end when you have that statement piece everyone is jealous of !

Incredible Mandala and shoulder piece done by Louisehttps://www.monumentalink.co.uk/louise-sargent-tattoo-artist/

Getting a big tattoo can be a big commitment but when it comes to wearing art on your skin and having something that is going to be with you for life why not choose a considerable sized one?

Also come into the studio with a positive attitude. Be willing to give control over to the artist because tattooing is about trusting your artist they know what they’re doing!

Check out these bigger scale pieces done by our apprentice Sam! https://www.monumentalink.co.uk/sam-baxter-tattoo-artist/

If you are thinking of having a sleeve or a bigger piece avoid getting tiny tattoos in random places because this causes problems when it comes to planning your full sleeve. You may then have to consider a cover up or how to incorporate your small tattoo into the design.

Another good thing to do before getting any tattoo big or small is to shop around and make sure you do your research. Find an artist whose work you love, rather than them being the cheapest or closest.

Remember this is going to be with you forever… I know we all want to save a few pennies but cheapest is not always best. You may also end up shelling out for reworks or dreaded laser removal !

Check out these two awesome sleeves by Scott https://www.monumentalink.co.uk/scott-white-tattoo-artist/

When it comes to the day before your tattoo make sure you get a decent amount of sleep, eat a good breakfast and bring a good attitude.

Making sure you’re ready to sit through the tattoo ensures you get the best possible result from your tattoo artist. Being mentally and physically prepared is key.

Aggie’s cool nautical work and animal kingdom sleeve!https://www.monumentalink.co.uk/aggie-vnek-tattoo-artist/

Mike’s amazing back pieces! https://www.monumentalink.co.uk/mike-sklavenitis-tattoo-artist/

Thanks for reading our blog! We hope you enjoyed looking at our amazing artwork.

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