Realism tattoo’s are growing in popularity as people are expecting more and more out of their tattoo artist. People want that life like image tattooed on them forever and here at Monumental Ink we are rising to the challenge.

Our artist’s spend hours designing and researching to find the perfect image to bring your piece to life. Working closely with our clients to make sure that every aspect of the tattoo is just right.

We offer free consultations to allow time to form a bond and develop mutual respect between artist and client.These can be applied for by simply following the links attached to each photo.

The following pieces are custom made one off works of art that we are proud to share with you.

Whether it be your Idol, loved one that has passed, favourite animal we have an artist for you. We hope you enjoy the following artwork as much as we do.

Full colour realism portrait tattoo by Aggie Vnek
Black and grey realism Leopard tattoo by Scott White
Black and grey realism skull and chessboard tattoo by Mike Sklavenitis
Full colour realism red panda tattoo by Aggie Vnek
Black and grey realism nun tattoo by Scott White
Black and Grey realism clown face tattoo by Mike Sklavenitis

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