Best of our New Traditional pieces

New traditional… what does this mean ? You are probably thinking of the Traditional style of tattooing famously done by Sailor Jerry ! Which i’m sure we have all seen on the old boys that drink down the local or your grandad as he reminisces about the days when youngsters respected their elders !

Now just because we are sharing New Traditional pieces with you today, is not to say that Traditional style of tattooing is gone, it is very much alive! We just prefer the freedom you get with New Traditional.

The beauty of New Traditional is that is takes the best from both worlds and merges them with a modern twist to create beautiful bold pieces. It is somewhere between reality and animated.

If realism isn’t your thing it doesn’t mean you cant have a sick portrait ! Or you can literally just let your imagination run wild.

So enjoy these pieces we have shared with you.

New Traditional portrait done by Louise

Quirky New Traditional Piece done by apprentice Sam

Snake and Dagger piece done by New Traditional artist Louise

Medusa Head done by apprentice Sam

Skull and flower piece done by Louise

Geometric Lion piece done by apprentice Sam

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